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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sebastians a poet

For school this past month Sebastian has been studying poetry. He had to make up a poem. Well he ofcourse fussed about it, but come to find out, he actually has some talent in this. Here is are the two he did, the first one is funny and was his first one, the second one really shocked us. Um who is he thinking about?????LOL

My pants are black

Black as night

out of sight

My shirt is blue and not black

blue as a blue birds back

My s hoe is green not blue

it's as green as my other shoe.

A heavy heart I have born

All night and in to the morn

As the sun shows its face

I'll wait for you embrace

A time that is yet to come

until then my heart is stung

Those are his exact words. Im impressed.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm 32!

Hi, This is me. I am anyways, I am celebrating my 32 nd year today. Happy Birthday to me. THank you to all who remembered all who were reminded and remembered and those that I dont even know who knew and wished me well. Thank you, it really means alot.

More pillowcases

I took the girls recently to pick out fabric of their own choice for a pillowcase. They were thrilled and even more thrilled when I got them done, these are so fun to make, this time I added a trim and I think they look even nicer with it. Emaly wanted to tweetybird, which she loves... and Leia picked out the carebears, only cux they didnt have a princess choice....


This past Friday was my 10 year anniversary and my wonderful Husband, took me out. So I got to wear nice shoes. When I say nice, I mean they werent slippers....aka flipflops for you mainlanders. I love these shoes, although they arent the most comfortable I think they look great and make my legs look nice too. anyways, just wanted to share, do you have a shoe that you love?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I did it!

I, yes me, made butter! Whew, this was exciting and fun to watch. I used this reciepe that jennifer reccommended. I used some already on my fresh baked bread! The best! I used the buttermilk I got to make buttermilk biscuits, they have to sit overnite before baking so I havent tried them yet. I have one more cup left of buttermilk, its sooo sweet!

Thank you Andy for letting me get this awesome mixer, it made this task easier!
Starting off

cool whip stage!
butter, straining out the buttermilk
on my tastey bread!