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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Oh no!

My sewing machine is packed away!!!!! I have a outfit that I sewed right before they packed it that I need to post. I will get to that soon. How will I be without my machine, how will my machine be without me in a box? I hope that my machine will arrive safetly and secure.......2 months is a long time not sewing.................

Friday, September 09, 2005

Leia's Princess Blanket

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Sebastian bought this panel for his sister Leia and I had to quilt it. LOL!!!!! Well once again I had to use binding.....Did I mention I suck at binding...... Theres got to be a easier way to do binding. I cant imagine everyone having as hard a time as me. I quilted around the blue, but you cant tell it in the photo. I used pink diaper fleece on the back. It is actually nice and comfy for her to sleep with and fits perfectly on her toddler bed. :)

Emaly's new Diapers

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These are Emaly's newsest diapers I've made her. The pink one has already been wore and washed twice.The one I like to call Hawaii I just made and hasnt been washed or wore yet. I made them both with sherpa as the soaker, which btw is awesome. I made the Hawaii print skinny between the legs to try it out. I absolutley love these prints.

BabyDoll Crib

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Andy built this babydoll crib for Leias baby on her Birthday. I sewed the bumper pads for it. :) I suck at binding but oh well, Leia loves it.