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Friday, March 31, 2006

I embroideried on a bib... I really like it. Im sending this with the pooh quilt I made. The only thing is next time, i need to use that stabilzer you use on towels. but for the most part it came out good.

close up:)

Monday, March 27, 2006

I made myself another skirt. Its been awhile since ive made myself a skirt. I really like it. the lacey thing, i had to run the ribbon through it myself. It was simple for the most part. I plan to make more, only if Andy likes it.:) It has elastic for the waist, and I have it worn on my hips, cant stand things on my waist anymore.

closer look of the front:)

Here is the back of the skirt.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Here is Leias Easter dress:) all done!

Closer look at the front:)

The back of the dress. notice zipper:(

Here's a closer look at the bottom edge of the dress.


I hate em! I am workin on Leias Easter dress and it calls for a zipper so I put in a invisible one, well when i got to zip it up, off comes the zipper andy tries to put it bk on, it wont go bk on, so i have to cut it off , yea seam ripper wouldnt get it off, i had it really sewn in and serged it, lucklily the dress is kinda or was kinda big, so then i go to put a regular zipper in and realize they are zippers that are actually for they are sticky!!!!!!!!!!!but i use it anyway.....its in but so not lookin really great but will work. I really dont like binding or zippers, but I have to say that zippers are better than binding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Will be done with the dress soon, i need to do the sleeves and I will be finished.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Here is a baby blanket I made for a friend of ours....She said she likes pooh and they are having a girl so here it is. Im sooo very dissappointed once again with my binding. I really need help with binding.....I stippled the entire blanket with a variegated thread. I am happy with that part...I hope she likes it and will use it to wrap her new bundle:) oh and this is the "H" block method.

Closer picture of the stippling work I did.....

Here is the quilting Journal I made myself. Jennifers turned out better, I made mine

Here is the inside, showing my first quilt I ever made:)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Ok this is Sebastains Desk. Before you start thinking oh poor bud he is degraded to this cux of my sewing area, rest assured this is what he wanted. he has been workin on the floor by his own choice for quite some time. So now he can still work on the floor and have a hard surface to write on. So he is happy with this.... and it works....:)

Looking at my new sewing area. sorry its dark.

Cuttin table

The girls area.

by the door lookin at my computer area

Looking from my computer area. My cuttin table.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Updated crafting Life

Well I wanted everyone to know that I am making stuff. It is just taking me longer. Sebastians quilt is coming along great, it just takes alot of time making all those triangles. The top of the quilt is more than halfway done.:) Now that I have my embroidery machine, that has been taking up some time (me playing with it) I just finished basting a baby blanket Im quilting for a friend of ours that is having a baby girl very soon. Then after that one I will be starting another baby girl quilt for another friend of ours. Then after that one will be time to start on another friends baby quilt(I wont name names) l0l.....I have to label my soldiers quilt with the label I made and get it sent off. So as you can see, Im busy not only in my personal life but in my crafting life too!:) So much to do!:)

Here is my label done over again, you can see that the first part of my name is messed up agian, i had to lower the tension again, to 1. which seems low, i will be callin him on tues to make sure all is ok. the flower on top was me playing around with one of my built in designs. :)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

THe machine working!!!!

The one on the left is my first one, i had it threaded wrong. I still need to fix tension i think, cuz i could still see white bobbin on top some.

Here is my machine with the cover! I have not turned it on yet but here it is finally!!!!:) :) :) :)

Here it is!!!!!!