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Friday, December 28, 2007

Leias Purse

I sewed up this purse and then I embrodiered on it. I also added beads to it. I really like it and leia loves it. She will now use this purse for church to carry her bible in.


We were invited to someones house for Christmas eve dinner and I didnt want to be empty handed so I embrodiered on this towel and gave as a gift to her.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stocking finally Done!

Im so glad they are done before christmas...... Mine was the last to do and has the most mistakes..... anyways, Im very pleased with them and is much better than the sparkle glitter glue I did have for ou stockings. I hope these last a long time. Although someday Id like to quilt us some.....

The way its done.

Well now that theres a baby in the house, Momma doesnt get much craft time anymore.... So this is how its done nowadays......


I made these wipes with pink velour on one side and hawaiian woven on the other they measure about 4x8 in. They are for my Rak partner.

Homemade babylegs

I love this style but they arent very big. Id like them bigger and longer but they are cute still. So happy, now I need to go find more but make sure they are bigger....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Praise you in this Storm

I dont know why but I am drawn to this song. Please listen to the words. Its soo powerful. I praise God for all the blessings in my life. Im not just saying that I really do. I know I complain about alot of things and for that Im soo sorry. I have nothing to complain about. My life is soo rich and full and I Thank you Lord for that. My neighbor lost her husband in an hit and run accident around the end of Oct. My heart aches for her and for all the familes without their spouses. Im so thankful to have all that I have. The most powerful part I think of this song is when it says "Every tear I cry, You hold in your hand" wow. Just think Jesus is holding your tears and loving you. Amazing!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Answers :)

Hi, Secret Sister
If you get a chance please post more info. -Ask away- I dont really know what to say.

I think I have looked over every post on your blog. -Wow my blog is huge thats alot of reading, but I would do the same

What else are you creating? -At the moment Im trying to put our names on some stockings

What are your children in to right now?- Leia loves anything pink and princess/Emaly loves music and anything her sister has/ Sebastian video games soccer and currently playing pool/ Sara is a boob girl at the moment.:)

Tell me about what your week is like. -Mondays r my busiest days at home. Most of the chores are that day. but we still get school done too. I was only having to do school with Leia maybe 2 days a week but now I have to at least do it 4 times a week. Every other wed is mops day and the other days I try to stay home. Im a home body. I dont like to get out much without my husband. I do go to walmart probably twice a month though.

I know we can get so crazy this time of the year going to and from parties.-not us, i love having people over but we dont know many people

You must be busy making CHRISTmas special for your family. What do you do?-not too busy really but i recently made a post of what we do.

How is your school year going? -We are using My fathers world with leia and Im loving it.

Sabastion must be in 7th or 8th grade. How is that going? -Acutally he started highschool 9th grade this year, and its going really good, he does teaching textbooks algebra apolgia science and notgrass world history literature and bible. after Christmas I will also add easy grammar plus to it.

anyways, ask away I will answer..... Thank you for your prayers
Its been a crazy week with my inflamed chest wall and baby rashes and coughing throughout the house but otherwise we are all fine.....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Awww....I'm loved

I am participating in an online secret sister thing. Let me tell all who read this, Its cool. I have a complete stranger praying for me and caring. How cool is that! Anyways, my secret sister gets to read my blog and when I receive blessings I am to put on my blog so she knows that I received it.:) So below u will find what I got in the mail today.

A cute Christmas kitchen set
and these oh so soft socks. I had to take pic with them on, I still have them on btw. They really are so super soft. The girls keep rubbing their feet on me:)
Thank you so much Sister, I was so happy to see mail 4 me and to know that yr lifting me and my situations up in prayer. In answer to yr question, no we arent going to see family and no one is coming to see us:( We cant finacially or we'd be visiting for sure. I also think that Tamara did a great job paring people up, I have stuff in common with mine as well. God is great! Thank you Lord for my sister and for my friends who are so far from me! You are all a blessing to me!

Our Christmas

Ok so I wanted to join in on the homeschool blogger thing that Tiany was doing but I dont think I have the time to add all the links and stuff. So I will try to breifly do a post here. Every year the day after Thanksgiving we put up our tree. We talk of preparing for the celebration of Jesus Birthday. We make a chain of red and green construction paper to hang on tree and starting Dec 1 we take one off each day. We make a birthday cake for Jesus and sing for him and party just like we have for anyone in the family's b-day. On Christmas morning we all take a small piece of paper and write what we are thankful for the most that year and place it inside of the circle box hanging on our tree. Yes I have now had to place the letters in another container since over the years it has filled up. This year we are incorprating some news traditions with the help of some books that was referred from another blogger, the books are: Christ in Christmas, The Adventure of Christmas, Celebrating A Christ-Centered Christmas These books are all so wonderful and Im so glad to have found them. The first is a devotional book that starts on the first advent sunday. We are super excited about it. We do a big devotional on Sundays leading up to Christmas and then smaller ones during the other days. On Sunday we do the devotional while enjoying some hot chocolate, me coffee decaf (even in warm weather) lol.... The kids are enjoying it so far. I also took the idea of making a kisses countdown. The kids give me a kiss and get a chocolate kiss. Even though they kiss me all the time, its just a fun little thing we do. Anyways the books are great and we are planning on doing lots of stuff from them.

yummy cookies!

Ok so i forgot to take pics while we made these but they are soo super easy to make and so yummy! I esp like them fresh from the oven. Leia loves to watch food network with me and we were watching Paula Deen the other day, and she made these

hidden mint cookies we didnt put the pecans on top and they were still so yummy!

Monday, December 03, 2007


Just wanted to say hi to my Secret Sister in hiding. :)