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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sebastians a poet

For school this past month Sebastian has been studying poetry. He had to make up a poem. Well he ofcourse fussed about it, but come to find out, he actually has some talent in this. Here is are the two he did, the first one is funny and was his first one, the second one really shocked us. Um who is he thinking about?????LOL

My pants are black

Black as night

out of sight

My shirt is blue and not black

blue as a blue birds back

My s hoe is green not blue

it's as green as my other shoe.

A heavy heart I have born

All night and in to the morn

As the sun shows its face

I'll wait for you embrace

A time that is yet to come

until then my heart is stung

Those are his exact words. Im impressed.


Christi said...

wow!! thats so awesome :) Great job Seb!

Jennifer said...

wow!! those are really good!