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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I did it!

I, yes me, made butter! Whew, this was exciting and fun to watch. I used this reciepe that jennifer reccommended. I used some already on my fresh baked bread! The best! I used the buttermilk I got to make buttermilk biscuits, they have to sit overnite before baking so I havent tried them yet. I have one more cup left of buttermilk, its sooo sweet!

Thank you Andy for letting me get this awesome mixer, it made this task easier!
Starting off

cool whip stage!
butter, straining out the buttermilk
on my tastey bread!


Latina Vega-Cipriaso said...

WOW, u r a regular Betty crocker. lol. I wanna taste. Only if it's on some warm homemade wheat bread though. lol.

Christi said...

very cool! Guess its my turn next huh? lol

Jennifer said...

mmm, makes me wanna go make a piece now..and yes C it is ur turn now! oh and k i have my buttermilk biscuit mixute sitting now too!

doreen said...

looks good. . . I haven't had butter in 5 months ;( I remember making some in grade school and shaking that babyfood jar forever. Man it was goo though.

Mommy said...

I have a Bosch and I have been meaning to try and make butter in it. So thanks for the tuterial! :)

Looks so yummy! Bosch is the best!!!!

Home Ec Steph said...

nett0Looks great! You did a great job. When I tried mine months and months ago didn't turn out as well. It was more gooey. great job. When we get into a house I will have to try again. UMMMMM...homemade bread....sounds wonderful...I really miss having a kitchen

Kelipso said...

Neat! I want to make butter!