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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Here is scrap block number 7! This one is called Indiana Puzzle. I got it out of a book from the library. It was an old book. I had to add my seam allowances which I hate, I wish it would have already had it included, it is suppose to be 12 in but it is a little shy of that. I really like the way this one looks.......

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here is scrap block number 6. Simple using the nine block pattern. I like it, I think the colors are pretty......

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

oh my gosh! I doubt I will be doing this one anytime soon. this bad boy was hard to do! Jenn cuddos to you! I dont think I would have enjoyed doing 9 of these! many mistakes! Scrap block number 5!

Ok so here is one of my scrap blocks, I know kinda of funky but it was the left over parts from the following blocks and I didnt want them to go to waste, so here they are. All my scrap blocks measure 12 1/2 in. It will be exciting to see what I end up with when its all done. I still have more scraps to get more done, and Im sure I will collect even more as more projects come about........:)

Blue colors..........I know one is green, I didnt know where to include it, so I chose blue.

Here is yet another scrap block. Purple color scheme

Here are my lastest diapers I made, they have already been washed and used like 3 times. I think I did a pretty good job on these since they are the first Ive made using snaps. I made a pocket once with velcro long time ago. Im very happy with these.

Ofcourse I love this one, its pink!!!!

Here is My wallhanging, it is made with all Hawaiian fabrics. I used the four sisters pattern for this wallhanging. It made me feel close to my sister friends! I had fun pickin out the fabrics and makin it. Thanks to Jenn for all the advice on binding, Im gettin better, although I put the binding on the wrong side and pinned it wrong, but you live and learn. Im thinking of hanging it in my stairway.

Here you can see the back which more clearly shows the quilting on it.

Here a shot of the binding on the back.

Just a close up shot of the square.

Here is a shot of the front binding on the side.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

out of order/ the back

Here is the back, not too bad, You can see all my quilting on it.

Here is my finished quilt. It was a kit that I got at Joanns before I left. It had all my fabric in it already. I ofcourse had to cut the fabric into squares. I also bought some batting and had some binding to add to it....Yea I actually got the binding on there. Although its not turned out pretty!

Closer look........

Here is a closer look at the binding. I did better this time.

This is the back of the quilt, as you can see my binding isnt as pretty on the back.....But getttin better:) There is hope!