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Monday, August 18, 2008


This past Friday was my 10 year anniversary and my wonderful Husband, took me out. So I got to wear nice shoes. When I say nice, I mean they werent slippers....aka flipflops for you mainlanders. I love these shoes, although they arent the most comfortable I think they look great and make my legs look nice too. anyways, just wanted to share, do you have a shoe that you love?


Christi said...

ooooh very pretty! and your toes look nicely done too :)

Jennifer said...

they look really nice. i'll have to get a pic of my shoes. although they're not nice like thos..they're everyday ones :)

doreen said...

they look very cute, and I agree sexy shoes always make your legs look nice. I am the queen of comfy shoes though and those definately don't look so comfy. . .maybe that's why dates are just for an evening.