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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Here is my friend Stephanies daughters peekaboo blanket that I made her for her 1st Birthday.......She loves to play peekaboo.....

close up of the center :)

the side with the rickrack showing.

my label

I challenge you all who read this to show yr areas right now, dont clean it!!! anyways, I have a few projects in progress so my cuttin table is

my area

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sneak Peek for Steven. He is dyin to see what his quilt will look like. Im sorry but this is all Im showing for now....LOL

Here is the fabric choices for Joshua's Quilt

Here is the fabric to make our queen sized comfortor quilt for our bed.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Here is the bag, I did some stippling not as much as jenns but some on front bottom and some on side back. It has one pocket on the inside. I hope she likes it, I know I do....:)

Here is Sarah's Crochet Craft Bag. I think it turned out pretty good.

The back of the bag, its still wet where the hearts were drawn.

upclose of her "S"

Friday, July 14, 2006

I made curtains for the school room today! Man did i have a hard time, You would think that this would be easy for me, but I had to use the seam ripper ALOT! I wanted this to be straight and it kept gettin curked. So I ended up using my serger and serged all the edges then turned under and sewed....whew, Im glad these are done. School starts after next week. Summer break wasnt long enough, but we are takin off in Sept so all is good:)

Upclose to see the print better

Update on my Craft Life

Well I havent been doing much for the past week and half. Cant ya tell? well anyway, I worked on my brother Stevens quilt week and half ago and forgot to update my WIPS go figure..... anyways, the other day I was sewing a friend of mines husbands work shirt for her and while she waited I let her browse my Quilting journal. She noticed the craft bag that I made for Jenn and requested one.:) So I started on that tonite. I went to the quilt shop today to get fabric for my queen sized quilt Im making for my bed and well she is going to get bk with me on the yardage needed to make the one I want cux the amount she came up with first was like 11 yds of fabric just for the top. well that is lookin at over 100.00 bucks so we need to rethink this and make sure.... I also went looking for fabric for my friends baby Joshua. Well C, I cant find trains. Unless you want Thomas and I honestly wasnt really diggin the fabric for it either, so can you refresh my memory of what else you like. I did see a Train prequilted fabric but that is cheating and would be too easy to do. I want to make something special. anyways, let me know. I also went to the quilt shop to talk about my Janome Challenge and she is willing to go over my ideas with me and help me get it going.... so yippee!!!! I think that is all in my craft life to update. Off to watch some Tv and then sew some more, maybe! Oh yea I forgot I was talking to Andy today and I told him How I havent sewn in almost 2 weeks and he was like "you better get to sewing" and I was like "why do you care if I sew" he said cux when I get home you anit gonna be sewing" I said "why" he said "You will be doing other things" LOL ................I love my husband and cant wait for him to get home so we can get to doing "other" things........LOL