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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Napkin Swap

Ok... so there are 3 of us doing the swap unless someone pops in last minute. Gloria and Jennifer how many do you ladies want to swap? Last time I think we swapped 2 each. I'm going today to get my fabric for these. Decorator's fabric and flannel. I'm going to be letting Leia make some too, it will be her first sewing project using thread.... She has been sewing on paper with needle on my other machine, I think she is ready. I will make sure ya'll are When I'm done I will just mail to Jennifer since you both live in same area. Or if I take a long time, or ya'll do too, we can swap in person when I get there. Thanksgiving!!!


Jennifer said...

cool! i bet leia will love that. gloria and i went and looked at fabric the other night and most of the decorator fabric is $9.99! we found some for $6.99 but they weren't as pretty. they were on sale for 30% off but we are hoping to get a 50% off coupon and go back then to get our fabric. so not sure how long it's gonna take us to get our fabric. hopefully they will take them off sale soon.

Karina said...

Im going to Hobby Lobby down the road from me. It is a REALLY nice one,the one by you wasnt great but this one is pretty cool. I found it a couple weekends ago. I sent you coupons forward to Gloria too, I need her email.

Bobbi said...

I left you a msg at the lounge...Just thought I'd pop by and say hi! How are you liking TX? Take care! Bobbi

doreen said...

this does look like fun! can you send me an email with more specs. I am interested :)