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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New song

Ok so the song Give me your eyes by Brandon Heath, has been on my mind alot lately. I really listen to its words and want to really see people thru Gods eyes, not my fleshly eyes. I want to see my children and my husband thru his eyes not my own. I want to stop the cycle of divorce and abandment through our families. I want my children to know and feel the love I have for them. I dont want to break their spirits or their excitement for life. I want them to know Jesus. I want them to know him so much and not have struggles with knowing him and accepting his unconditional love for them. I want to nurture them and love them. I know by my actions I dont always display that kind of love to them and I am soo sorry, I tell them that too. I dont want to be like my mother. I want to love my children no matter their choices in life. Thank you God for my husband and my children and for blessing us sooo abundantly. Help us and give us wisdom in this world on your perfect will for them and us. Help me see people and them thru your eyes and to never loose heart in praying for them even though it seems useless at times. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

i LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love when it comes on the radio. and you are a great mommy. and u do a wonderful job with your children.

Christi said...

I agree your an awesome mama!!!

doreen said...

I had not heard this song. I just listened to it on your link! Thanks for sharing. What an awesome aspiration, to view through His eyes. It's so easy to get caught up in what matters to me, but refreshing to be reminded to look beyond that!