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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Awww....I'm loved

I am participating in an online secret sister thing. Let me tell all who read this, Its cool. I have a complete stranger praying for me and caring. How cool is that! Anyways, my secret sister gets to read my blog and when I receive blessings I am to put on my blog so she knows that I received it.:) So below u will find what I got in the mail today.

A cute Christmas kitchen set
and these oh so soft socks. I had to take pic with them on, I still have them on btw. They really are so super soft. The girls keep rubbing their feet on me:)
Thank you so much Sister, I was so happy to see mail 4 me and to know that yr lifting me and my situations up in prayer. In answer to yr question, no we arent going to see family and no one is coming to see us:( We cant finacially or we'd be visiting for sure. I also think that Tamara did a great job paring people up, I have stuff in common with mine as well. God is great! Thank you Lord for my sister and for my friends who are so far from me! You are all a blessing to me!


Christi said...

Oooh how wonderful!! those socks look comfy! Socks have been my obsession lately. I have bought myself 2 pair of really cushy ones and LOVE LOVE LOVE them.. I hope to get more so I can always be wearing them around the house :)

Anonymous said...

My Sweet Secret Sister,

I am so happy you like what I have sent you. {{HUGS}} Now, I must know more about you (hubby) and your sweet children. If you get a chance please post more info. I think I have looked over every post on your blog. What else are you creating? What are your children in to right now? Tell me about what your week is like. I know we can get so crazy this time of the year going to and from parties. Plus shopping! You must be busy making CHRISTmas special for your family. What do you do? How is your school year going? Sabastion must be in 7th or 8th grade. How is that going? Did you start kindergarten this year with Leia? Sorry for all the questions :)! I am praying for you & Andy (plus the kids). Have a blessed weekend!

Your Secret Sister