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Friday, December 07, 2007

Answers :)

Hi, Secret Sister
If you get a chance please post more info. -Ask away- I dont really know what to say.

I think I have looked over every post on your blog. -Wow my blog is huge thats alot of reading, but I would do the same

What else are you creating? -At the moment Im trying to put our names on some stockings

What are your children in to right now?- Leia loves anything pink and princess/Emaly loves music and anything her sister has/ Sebastian video games soccer and currently playing pool/ Sara is a boob girl at the moment.:)

Tell me about what your week is like. -Mondays r my busiest days at home. Most of the chores are that day. but we still get school done too. I was only having to do school with Leia maybe 2 days a week but now I have to at least do it 4 times a week. Every other wed is mops day and the other days I try to stay home. Im a home body. I dont like to get out much without my husband. I do go to walmart probably twice a month though.

I know we can get so crazy this time of the year going to and from parties.-not us, i love having people over but we dont know many people

You must be busy making CHRISTmas special for your family. What do you do?-not too busy really but i recently made a post of what we do.

How is your school year going? -We are using My fathers world with leia and Im loving it.

Sabastion must be in 7th or 8th grade. How is that going? -Acutally he started highschool 9th grade this year, and its going really good, he does teaching textbooks algebra apolgia science and notgrass world history literature and bible. after Christmas I will also add easy grammar plus to it.

anyways, ask away I will answer..... Thank you for your prayers
Its been a crazy week with my inflamed chest wall and baby rashes and coughing throughout the house but otherwise we are all fine.....

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