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Friday, October 28, 2011

Grace for the Good Girl

"Worry is a thief, Fear is a liar, and Anxiety is their trembling, furrow-browed baby. I have lived with this dysfunctional family for the better part of my life. Sometimes I live with them still. Worry robs me of the peace I know is available. Fear lies and says there is no peace at all. And their immature, screaming baby Anxiety keeps me up at night with her unrelenting cries of what if? and what now? and what will they think?" 

"I was a good girl and I wanted to be a good girl, but it often kept me from saying what I really  meant. In fact, my desire to be good even kept me from exploring my own opinion, and I grew up to believe that my opinions didnt actually matter much anyway. I avoided vulnerability for fear of being rejected or being labeled needy. Good girls arent needy they are needed. And so instead of living free, I lived safe."

~Emily Freeman in her book grace for the good girl

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