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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Best Friends~Sisters

This is Jennifer aka my best friend.....She came to visit me and we had a great time. Lots of shopping, without her knowledge you would think I have grandbabies already. ;) So thanks to her I dress more my age....A few words to describe our weekend:
2 am, early rise, gas station coffee, getting lost, possible sunburns, danger at every corner, burping, peach bellini, chocolate, malls, coconut lime, blades, dumpsters, questionable photos, room service, bean sprouts, hot boots, bridesmaid shoes/not, 5 months preggo, weaker rabbits, salads, joanns yarn, thump thump thump, have you seen this before?, nicest person i know, hour glass, felt pillows, coffee,  So happy to have had this time with you!


Jennifer said...

rofl, i was seriously loling at this!! i love you so much. i had a wonderful time! so glad i got to share it with you!

doreen said...

Sounds like a blast, sad I didn't get to come tomFay to see you before the move :(

Karina said...

miss you!