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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Quote from Sally Clarkson

If you are a mother and want encouragment in your high calling I highly suggest Sally Clarksons book Seasons of a Mothers Heart. I was blessed to be able to go to her conference in Dallas this year and it was amazing to meet her in person! Here is a quote from my reading today

"God is pictured numerous times in Scripture expressing emotions. A part of his divine nature is what we call emotion, but it is perfect and without flaw. Since we are made "in his image,"we share that part of God's nature. Emotion- the part of us that experiences happiness, sadness, andger and shame is a natural part of life put there by God. However, like so many other "good" things in our lives that God has created, OUR SIN NATURE MESSES UP OUR EMOTIONS. We are too often tempted to follow our sin distorted feelings, rather than God. To help us, though, God has put the Holy Spirit in our lives to enable us to live by faith rather than by our feelings. Letting God control even our feelings and passions is a sure mark of Christian Maturity. Spirit controlled emotions and passions drive us to love God and serve others, and that's what makes them good." Sally Clarkson

I want God controlling my emotions....
I want God to control how I handle the stresses of Home Educating our children.
I want God to control my reaction to things I can't control.
I want God to control every aspect of my life.

I'm thankful that he has given us his word to help us through this journey....

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