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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Napkin Swap

Hello Ladies, Are you already ready for another napkin swap????? I know, I know, I already did one for this year. BUT Guess what I am moving and not taking my fancy machine with me so I wanted to have another one before I move. I dont know if I will do this while away so I want to get more awesome cute napkins going. I had SEVEN people in the swap last time, out biggest turn out yet! I know that one more already wants to join us, Welcome Shanie! So post or email me if you want to join in.....Stephanie I know you missed the last one but already have your napkins ready for this one, right? Ofcourse Im posting this in plenty of time so everyone has time to do their napkins and get fabric on sale ect......

1 yard broadcloth
1 yard flannel
should make you 12 napkins if cut at 9 inches.

Whose in??????


Jennifer said...

Count me in!!!!!

Oh, Shannon says her too!!!

Booba Juice said...

Yes, I am really going to try. I am so sorry about the last time. :) Let me know how many I need to have ready.

Shannon said...

Gabriella is in too!

Lorraine said...

I'm in and so is Laura (my cali friend)