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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I so love korean food!

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Lorraine said...

did you make that your self? I use to have a Korean friend and I miss her mom's cooking. I love kimbap. You are making me hungry (and that is saying a lot since I'm not feeling well right now lol)

Karina said...

Yes I sure did, and Im soo proud. My korean friend here taught me how to make it a few months ago. This was my first time without her help. I forgot to salt the rice and put seseme seeds in it but it was still yummy esp since I smoothered it in oh and i left out the spam this time and only used fish good!

Shannon said...

Ok, everything was sounding and looking great until you said fish cake! Ewe!

Lorraine said...

If I send you a cooler can you mail me some? lol I really want some.

Jennifer said...

lorraine, i didn't know you liked korean food! next time S and i plan a trip to our korean resturant you will have to come! we usually go during the weekday and we dont' take the kids. you would love it!