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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Napkin Swap

I have my fabric. I need to prewash it, then I will start cutting it. I was going to post a pic of my fabric choice then decided that I wanted it to be a surprise in the mail, I love surprises! So even though a few of you went together to get your fabric, my choice will be a surprise and so will Stephanies.:)  Just so you know I stayed clear of the usual pinks I usually pick. Im happy with my choice and super excited to get started, now only if I had someone to help me get my responcibilites done.....LOL

Happy Sewing!


Shannon said...

YAY! I got my fabric too!!! ANd it's REALLY cool! It fits me perfectly! I want to post a pic of mine too (really bad) But I decided for it to be a surprise as well! ;) Jennifer hasn't seen it yet either. Oh and of course Gabriella got her fabric as well. I am so excited and cant wait to see everyone's napkins!!!!!!!

Lorraine said...

...i think i made a booboo. I cut mine before washing it, is it too late or should i just leave it be?r

Karina said...

You can leave it as it, it may just be a little smaller than ours, its ok, no worries, wash before you sew though so it doesnt pucker, forgot to mention that....