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Monday, January 31, 2011

Supplies for napkins

Supplies for the napkins:

broadcloth decorating type fabric 1 yard
thick flannel 1 yard
9 1/2 in ruler
rotary cutter
cutting mat
sewing machine

You will get approx 12 squares out of the fabric 12-flannel 12- broadcloth
you will sew these right sides together and then turn and topstitch. If you wanna tack the middle you can but have found it not neccesary. So you will make 12 napkins. you will mail 4 to me and then I will mail 4 back to you in different colors/designs etc. I say 4 because I believe there is 4 of us doing the swap, if there is more then you swap more. It is so fun to get different styles, things you probably wouldnt have picked out yourself. AND in my house those become the Prized napkin cux there is only one of em. Sometimes I get 2 yards and make two styles and sometimes swap more than one  per person  and get even more:) So Im sooo excited bout this.....

FYI, our Joanns is having a sale on broadcloth decor fabric 50 % off. I will be making a run soon.....:)

All you veteran swappers, DID I leave anything out?


Shannon said...

ok, the newbie has a question. ;) So everyone sends you all of their napkins and then you redistribute them back out? And when do we need to have the napkins to you?

Karina said...

You only send me the ones your swapping, four of them. I then send you your new ones. well actually you only send me 3. Then I send out your new napkins. :) you and jennifer can send in one package.

Lorraine said...

Shannon you know what we beginners need to do? Volunteer Jennifer to take us on a tour through a fabric store to show us all the different fabrics and purposes of them. Cause when every I go in there I get so lost and confuse, probably cause I over think everything and want to know what all the different things on the labels mean. Are you interested in making... oops volunteering her? rofl

Booba Juice said...

When does the sale at JoAnn's end? And when are we getting our napkins to you by? I won't have the money to go buy fabric for a couple of weeks yet. :) But I am excited about it. I loved the ones that I made several months ago, and one of the things that I use them for the most, is actually to do the dishes with. They work so well for this.

Karina said...

Hey Stephanie, I think the sale ends this weekend,
YOu have time to get them done, I dont set a deadline although probably not more than two months. also yes everyone sends to me and then I redistribute them.:)

Gloria said...

Yay! I remembered to sign up! If it's not too late, that is.... :)

Karina said...

nope not too late!

Karina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.