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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reader Asks About Facebook Campaign

A sweet reader recently wrote me and asked:

"...I have been thinking and praying about this current craze that has hit Facebook and ALOT of Christian woman/girls (and even some youth guys now) participating in the "I like it" purse comments... I am sorry but it sits wrong with me, as did the "bra color" campaign. I know a couple "Christian male perspectives" where given in January when the "bra" thing hit Facebook and they really were spoken with alot of sincerity about the need for awareness but that it does not glorify God when it is sexualized. I really would like to know if Steve has any insight or knows of anyone that does...would love to hear your thoughts as always.."

My personal thoughts? I think as Christian women we need to use discretion and we need to be wise. Having fun or raising awareness about breast cancer is not an issue--it is how we do it that we need to critically evaluate.

I, myself, saw the bra campaigns last year and was concerned. Do we not realize that we should be more careful about sharing private things? I was encouraged to see many godly men, young and old, speak out as well and share their thoughts on it. I have to say, I felt a bit embarrassed that they even had to address this topic to women and other sisters-in-Christ.

I feel no different about the purse issue either--understanding that it is the same group behind it I was sad to see this going around Facebook again. Even though the question seems innocent---the answers seem suggestive. So I personally would not participate in that knowing the potential damage it could cause. I wouldn't want other men 'accidentally' thinking about me in wrong ways--especially through a Facebook update.

But am I surprised? No---I believe our culture has been so far removed from the teachings of modesty and discretion that many times we tend not think twice about these things. We wouldn't want our brothers to stumble (Romans 14:13) by reading updates about our favorite bra colors or where we "like it" (supposedly a purse). It instantly can conjure up images in the mind that can lead to sin.

Am I judging anyone? No. I, myself, need help in the issues of temptation so I am grateful when an older person speaks out on relevant issues. I cannot walk this Christian walk without the body of Christ helping to sharpen me (Proverbs 27:17) and grateful for guidance along the way because that is just what I am--IMPERFECT!

And as for my husband, Steve.....I know he feels the same!

Those are my thoughts...hope my answer helps.

Have a blessed day as you seek to serve our Savior--the King!

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