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Friday, September 11, 2009

Kids in Public school

So often I am critized for our choice in schooling our children at home. Something recently said to me was that the there alot of Christian teachers in the school system that reach out to our youth and help them etc....."good role models" Well shouldnt I be that good role model? Shouldnt I be the one teaching them right from wrong? Its my responsiblity to do that. Spending 30 mins a day teaching them the word of GOd isnt enough. I need them to see the way I live and interact also. They need to see when I fail and ask for forgiveness. They need to see me do the right thing. If they are with their "peers" all day, what are they learning? How to be worldly..... I dont want them exposed to all that garbage ALL day long and then to expect them to withstand all the pressures that come along with it. Gosh Its hard enough on us adults much less my children. So I believe that those who choose to send their kids off have a much harder time tryin to raise them the way GOd intented. Those precious children are being bombarded by this evil world over and over again and taught that its ok.....ITS NOT! I love reading this womans blog, its very encouraging.....

OH and about the christian teachers in the system I think thats great for those kids who arent being raised in a GOdly home to see Jesus......


Jennifer said...

where's my "like button"? lol. and adult being called to the public school system is so different than sending a child to it. jesus didn't start his ministry until he was 33!

Ruth said...

We've been homeschooling for 18 years and my husband has been a public school teacher for 22 years. :) I agree with your post to a point. I think homeschooling is best, but not necessarily for everyone, especially if they are not doing the job and they are not teaching their children about God anyway.