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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Napkin Swap!

These are the napkins I got in return. I still have to send mine off. Im soo happy and think I will do this again in October sometime. Only then I will be there with my friends and we can make together!!!! woohoo!!!! Jennifer's, Gloria's and Christi's. Thank you for adding a variety to my new napkins.....Can't wait to meet you Gloria!


Jennifer said...

you'll like gloria she's cool, but then again you have no choice because c and i like her...LOL

Christi said...

lol yes youll like her shes great :) but yeah.. no choice :) lol
cant wait till october!!!!!

Gloria said...

haha.. i see they are talking about me behind my back! can't wait to meet you either. glad to know they like me :D

Jennifer said...

so when the heck you gonna send these out? gloria's goonna think you're a flake.