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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Well I still have to topstitch and tack but otherwise Im halfway done. I have 3 people who want to exchange. No hurries. I will keep three out, please let me know what ones you want, I have the two prints here to choose from. :) Sebastian came into the room, and said wow, that really nice... :) funny from a almost 15 yr old.


Jennifer said...

can i have the little girl with the glasses at the very bottom?? if not i'll take the yellow and blue one. and i will get my fabric soon so i can get mine made..if not i'll just pull a used one out for ya :) j/k

Christi said...

yellow and blue please :)

Jennifer said...

we got our fabric for our napkins today!!! can't wait to get in there and get them made up!

Jennifer said...

ok my napkins are finished. how many do i need for the swap. also i decided i want one of each of your fabrics. so i will send you two napkins plus a replacment one :)