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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eli's gifts

4 cloth pads I made for her postpartum, velour on top, fleece in bk and microfiber soaker.

An hawaiian burp cloth I made

A tag blanket I made

I also ordered her 4 LittlebeanDiapers


Jennifer said...

i love it all thanks sooo much!! i can't wait to try my pads!

doreen said...

cool gifties! I bet J is loving the fluff!

Christi said...

love the tag blanket it looks awesome!

Christi said...

I cant email you again... I tried but it keeps coming back. I hate hotmail. But atleast its letting me comment on your blog lol

Christi said...

I just realized it says Eli's gifts.. Is that what yall are calling him? I didnt notice that last time I looked lol