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Friday, October 12, 2007

Homemade Rolls

I have never tried my hand at homemade rolls until today. So Leia and I set out to make some together. Here are a few pics of us making them together. Even Sebastian and Emaly helped.

Leia so proud and melts my heart when she looks at me this way.
Leia kneeding the bread dough. I helped her. Even Sebastain wanted to help kneed.

Sebastain, Leia and Emaly all helped roll these out.

All Done.
* Edit- They tasted great, and Andy was impressed.....


Jennifer said...

they look great! how did they taste???

Home Ec Steph said...

proud of you guys...gots to love the homemade rolls, did you like them. Leia is so cute!

doreen said...

yummy! I agree the kids just beam when they help in the kitchen, it's wonderful. How were they to eat, they look perfect! Great job Leia

Christi said...

ooooh yum! Can I have the recipe? They look so pretty!