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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well this is a paper pieced project. Its only like 5*7 inches or so. I really enjoyed doing this and cant wait to make something with more of a picture in it. I tried paper piecing before but it came out all messed up and so i gave up, but this weekend was a sew and quilt festival and i went to it and met a nice couple who taught paper piecing so I thought id give it another try. I am happy I met someone who could teach a easier way to do this......


Jennifer said...

ooo, this looks lovely, i can't wait for u to show me how to do it.

Just Another Army Wife said...

Looks great!! I just saw something similar on HGTV Simply Quilts yesterday. I caught the end of it put it was pretty cool.

doreen said...

pp always looked so hard. gr8 job. it's so cute.

christi said...

very pretty :)