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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Here is the bag, I did some stippling not as much as jenns but some on front bottom and some on side back. It has one pocket on the inside. I hope she likes it, I know I do....:)


Just Another Army Wife said...

adorable!!! I am need to take a stab at quilting!

christi said...

I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!!!!! it looks awesome!!!

Jennifer said...

:( mines not an original, but the bag still looks great!

doreen said...

J, yours is still original, just not unique. . . but actually since this one is a different shape and has different pockets it is still unique!
At least you have one. . .
Not all of us are blessed enough to have one.

Karina said...

they both are unique, just used same fabrics.....thanks