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Thursday, June 29, 2006

You cant really tell what I did in this pic. but I swirled around the letters in jenns and loopy around my block then stippled reallly close together on doreens block and stippled really big on christi's block. You know I love pink so i had this dark pink and used it! Its not centered over the door frame but this was hard enough to get up there. maybe when andys home he can help me get it more centered....I want to Thank My friends Christi, Doreen and Jennifer for helping make this come true for me! I really wanted to have something made from each of them hanging in my sewing area. I love it and thank you very much!


doreen said...

cool, i love how we each took the idea and creatively went our own ways. The neat part is how we compose our wall hangings will be just as unique and creaive!

Karina said...


Jennifer said...

girl this looks really nice. i like it!

christi said...

looks great k :)

Anonymous said...
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