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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Our church had a secret sister thing and I got to be part of the planning for it. My friend Stephanie suggested we make the bags out of fabric so that when its all done they can keep the bags too. Well wouldnt you know it, her machine is guess who made all 27 yep me.... but I think that the women were blessed by the whole event and Im happy that I got to be part of it. They will always have a bag from me, unless ofcourse they throw it anyways here they are!


doreen said...

That is so cool! Did you lable them at all? What are the approximate dimensions?

christi said...

very cool!!

Jennifer said...

u put a lot of hard work into those bags. hopefully they will appreciate them :D

Anonymous said...

They are like 12*10 or so. close to that. no I didnt label them all. :)

Anonymous said...

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